Monday, September 1, 2008

DNC goes Hollywood

First of all, let me congratulate Obama for becoming the party's nominee. It is a historic moment for America. I watched the DNC and read many of the speech transcripts more than once. It was an impressive spectacle and a great show. It just had some major flaws in their arguments. I am going to go over some of the major themes going thru most of their speeches.

The economy was one of the big topics. Now the economy has taken a hit. Even though technically we are not in a recession, we are definitely in a stalemate. They want to blame the republicans for all of it. That is unfair considering two of the main reasons for this stalemate are just as much the Dems fault. The reasons are 9/11 and the energy crisis.

Let's first talk about 9/11. It did happen under Bush's watch. So, he does deserve some blame, but it happened only 9 months after he took office. The plot was not planned for only months. This was a plot that was cooked up over years. Al Queda hit us 3 times during Clinton's presidency: WTC, embassies in Africa, and USS Cole. Terrorism also hit us in Oklahoma City. OKC wasn't Al Queda but it should have helped wake us up to the threat of all kinds of terrorism. Clinton was our leader. He should have helped build our defenses against our enemies. All he did was throw missiles at him after calling them and warning him giving them time to get out. Clinton had Bin Laden in his sights twice. He let him go twice. Sudan offered him up to us gift-wrapped with an apple in his mouth. He refused to extradite him even though he had already been indicted in the first WTC bombing in 93. Could his arrest have stopped 9/11 before it happened? Why do they give him a pass for his role in the attack?
Secondly, the energy crisis is the fault of both parties. The dems have been influenced by environmentalists and republicans have been influenced by the oil industry. What we need is all the above. We need offshore drilling, better conservation, alternative fuels, nuclear, etc. They can't put all of the blame on the GOP.
With Gustav approaching, we are reminded of Katrina. They gave themselves all of the credit for rebuilding New Orleans and none of the blame for the botched handling of the storm. They want to give all of the blame to Bush (which he was man enough to admit) and FEMA. They do deserve it, but let's not forget Dems Gov Blanco and Mayor Nagin. The bulk of the responsibility of dealing with and preparing for disasters has been the job of the local govts not federal.

Iraq was another big issue that was beat to death. Obama was said to have been right about not going into Iraq and a time line of getting out. I happen to believe that if we would have known that there were no WMDs, we wouldn't have gone in. However, most of the democrats thought he did too including Biden. I've got to wonder was his stance against the war because of military reasons or appeasement. It was too soon to go into Iraq, but hindsight is always 20/20. They give him credit for setting a time line of withdrawal. He was for a time line when we were losing. Basically, he wanted to cut and run. He wanted to make the same mistake that Bush 41 made. The only reason a time line is being accepted by the administration isn't because of Obama's influence but the success of the surge that McCain fought for and Obama spoke out against. People need to realize that the two main jobs of a president is foreign relations and commander-in-chief, the two biggest weakness' of Sen Obama.

Hillary made a great speech. However, did anyone else realize that she didn't say once during the speech that Obama was ready or that he would be a good president. She just implied that we should vote for him because he was a dem. It was a "put your name here" speech. The speech could've fit any generic democrat. There wasn't anything good in it specific to Obama.

Bill's speech was much better and beneficial to Obama. Although, he said that they were on the right side of the history. Obama was wrong about the surge, and at the timeline he first brought it up, he was wrong about the time line.
Here are some various misinformation that was thrown out there by some speakers. Biden claimed that McCain was against raising minimum wage. He didn't mention that McCain voted for the last time it was raised. Sen Kerry said that N Korea had nuclear bombs. Bush has kept that from happening. Kerry chastised McCain for flip-flops he had over the years, but he doesn't mention Obama's flops over the past few months. He implied that Bush did little for AIDS research. Bush spent over $15 billion on fighting AIDS worldwide in 07. That is much more than any other administration before him including two "champions" of AIDS research like Clinton and Carter. What is wrong that picture?

Finally, let me get to the superstar himself. Obama had a very good speech. It was a huge celebration. I almost thought he just won the Super Bowl for the Broncos with all of the fireworks. It was almost as much as China did for the opening ceremony for the Olympics. I half expected him to start telling reporters that he was going to Disneyworld. Maybe we will see him on a Wheaties box in a couple weeks shooting a basketball with that sweet jumpshot he has.
It was mostly platitudes no specific ideas on how he was going to accomplish what he said he would do. How is he going to pay for it? He has not given any specific plan. If he says wants to debate McCain anytime, why is he avoiding it?


Tiffany said...

Once again the right wing isn't as smart as a fifth grader.

Let's hit a couple points of your first blog and maybe we can hope your second post, would allow you to do a goggle search.

You stated the main reasons for a stalemate in our economy is 9/11 and energy prices. So clueless. What about the housing market and sub-prime mortgages. What about the job loss? We lost 63,000 job in March, in June we lost 62,000 jobs. According to CNN Money and Reuters.
U.S. employers cut workers for a sixth straight month in June for the longest such streak since 2002 and the country's vast service sector unexpectedly contracted, underscoring the economy's frailty.

All of those jobs lost was not due to 9/11 and the energy crisis.


I guess asking you to read the 9/11 commission report is too much to ask for you but let me give you the cliff notes.

"Before 9/11, al Qaeda and its affiliates had killed fewer than 50 Americans, including the East Africa embassy bombings and the Cole attack. The U.S. government took the threat seriously, but not in the sense of mustering anything like the kind of effort that would be gathered to confront an enemy of the first, second, or even third rank. The modest national effort exerted to contain Serbia and its depredations in the Balkans between 1995 and 1999, for example, was orders of magnitude larger than that devoted to al Qaeda.

As best we can determine, neither in 2000 nor in the first eight months of 2001 did any polling organization in the United States think the subject of terrorism sufficiently on the minds of the public to warrant asking a question about it in a major national survey. Bin Ladin, al Qaeda, or even terrorism was not an important topic in the 2000 presidential campaign. Congress and the media called little attention to it. "

There was a Republican controlled Congress when Bush was running for president and took the oath of office in 2000.


The turn cut and run is stupid when the White House, Iraq Government, and even John McCain said that Obama's timetable is a good timetable. So are you the only person who thinks that we should be there forever even when Iraq has a surplus of money and we are borrowing money from China to fund this silly occupation in Iraq.


Minimum Wage:
McCain's voting record
Voted YES on increasing minimum wage to $7.25. (Feb 2007)
Voted NO on raising the minimum wage to $7.25 rather than $6.25. (Mar 2005)

I guess your statement that Obama has no specific plan just proves that you can't do a goggle search to look at his complete policies. There was no real policy difference from Clinton to Obama but why is it now that you believe that Obama has no policies.

I guess the same why I can believe you don't have a college degree or that you like to spew lies and baseless facts because you don't take the time to cite your sources. Of course anyone who has graduated from college or even done a fifth grade essay would know how to cite sources. It is one thing to disagree on facts but to only spew lies is another.

PS. Where are you articles about Palin who can't control her own house but what to help lead our country?

Tiffany said...

I guess the obvious question that I forget to ask is what does the title "DNC goes to Hollywood" have to do with your post?

If you passed the fifth grade, you would know that the convention was held in Denver, CO not Hollywood, CA. You didn't mention any Hollywood stars in your post. I was at the convention and there is a lot of stars that was there but again someone can't follow the bouncing ball. Maybe you thought you put in your blog Hollywood stars like Oprah, Denzel Washington, Jamsmine Guy and lost track after you start to spew the GOP talking points.

Can you walk and chew gum at the same time?

NDGC_DX said...

First of all, I know that it is hard to do, but let's not name call and stick with the facts. When you say that I am not as smart as a 5th grader or didn't graduate 5th grade, it reminds me of my sister calling me "stupid head" when she was 5. It doesn't make you sound like an adult but juvenile.
You're right the housing crisis is a part of the slowdown but not the main cause. The loss of jobs is a symptom not a cause. You're naïve, if you think that 9/11 had nothing to do with it.
Now about you're comment on the 9/11, how many deaths would it have taken til Clinton did something about it? 500, 5000, 50,000, or 5 million? I thought that in this country every life was priceless. A leader shouldn't govern by polls. It may have not been on the top of mind of most Americans, but it should've been to the man that was supposed to protect us. Why wasn't it?
I never said that we should be in Iraq forever. It may be a plausible time line now, but only because of the surge that McCain fought for and Obama fought against. He was for a time line when we were losing, and it would've been a "cut and run" then.
I didn't say that he didn't have a policy. I said that he didn't explain what it is. He is for raising the capital gains tax, which will take away from middle class families ability to save for retirement and their children's futures. It will also cripple investment in our stock market and therefore our economy has a whole. He wants to raise corporate taxes that will give them less money to pay employee raises or even give them jobs at all in the first place.
I didn't say that he didn't vote for minimum wage ever. I just said that they didn't mention that he vote for it recently.
I actually graduated from college with around a 3.0. I didn't cite my sources "properly" because this is not a school paper. However, if you want my sources, I will give them to you. I got my most of the info from the speeches, wikipedia, and 9/11 commission. I found the info about Bush's AIDS policy from a NY Times article by Donald McNeil Jr on March 31, 2007 named, "Bush's Global AIDS Efforts Restricted by Limitations."